The Core


Our Mission

The World is Yours redefines how humanity sees mental health by empowering Gen-Z.


Our Essence

At our core, The World is Yours operates on Inspiring, Creating, Progressing and Expressing.


Our Promise

We are optimistic in delivering results, not only monetarily with the many dollars we work tirelessly to donate, but also in the lives of people. One life saved is more colossal to us than any amount of money.


Our Vibe

At The World is Yours, we impact lives. We dream it, explore it, and then do it-together-redrawing the barriers once indestructible.

Who We Are

The World is Yours was founded in 2019 by Arbaaz Karim as a project to raise mental health awareness in his local community of Plano, Texas. After receiving a positive response for his efforts he never looked back. .

Karim recruited some of his friends to join him and help him expand the company; The World is Yours debuted their Season 1 line of clothing that was aimed at raising awareness and garnering community involvement and unity. Their clothing success allowed them to venture to new areas in which they partnered with Silicon Valley company, Neolth, to create a global student ambassador program, and also feature in numerous mental health-related campaigns.

As a company, we are focused on finding ways to change the picture of mental health in today’s society, and we believe that will be through our generation: Generation Z. With the involvement of young trailblazers that see mental health in a similar light to us, we believe we can spread this notion to larger masses that can disrupt the mental health space entirely. By involving ourselves in a number of spaces from fashion to political campaigning we aim to be involved in every possible way to take steps toward our vision of seeing a redefined look to mental health.