The Core


Our Mission

The World is Yours is a catalyst for creating suicide awareness and personal expression through fashion.


Our Essence

At our core, The World is Yours operates on Inspiring, Creating, Progressing and Expressing.


Our Promise

We are optimistic in delivering results, not only monetarily with the many dollars we work tirelessly to donate, but also in the lives of people. One life saved is more colossal to us than any amount of money.


Our Vibe

At The World is Yours, we impact lives. We dream it, explore it, and then do it-together-redrawing the barriers once indestructible.

Who We Are

Through the eyes of humanity above all else, The World is Yours Studios is focused on creating the ignored. As a company, we are set on beginning the movement to expand the realms of conversations and perceptions taking place about suicide.

Our story began with 5 teenagers set out to change the mold created by members/leaders of society before us. Seeing many of our own friends, family members, and favorite celebrities walk themselves down such a dark path has altered us to spark this conversation and help make a change. Many moments of pondering led us to the model we have created now: spread our message through fashion. Fashion is everyone’s biggest statement and making statements to initiate positive change is what charges this movement forward.

We’re here to serve everyone, all ages of people need to be aware of the foes we face. But we especially focus to resonate with the Generation Z crowd, where there has been the largest group of people committing suicide. People ages 15-29 years old have encountered this to be the second leading cause of death. Shopping with The World is Yours is more than buying your run of the mill clothing, it’s buying clothes that are serving a purpose of more than just yourself but rather everyone around you.

Every dollar you spend at The World is Yours can save a life. We proudly donate 70% of all profits to suicide awareness and prevention charities. We believe fashion is a business of optimism, and in that spirit, we strive to grow and evolve into a business of change and progress. Fashion changes. Society changes. The need for saving your life doesn’t.